special agent
special agent
special agent

Our special agents are responsible for initiating, conducting, coordinating, and directing criminal investigations, protective intelligence investigations, internal affairs cases, and domestic terrorism threat cases.

Your work assignments may include:
  • Assess the behavior of the individual victim, witness, or suspect as it relates to the investigation.
  • Detect and note physiological behaviors during personal contacts.
  • Conduct searches in accordance with established laws, procedures, and regulations to obtain evidence needed to support the investigation.
  • Coordinate security arrangements before and during operations with military and civil authorities to ensure available resources (e.g., K-9, SWAT, security plan) are used to support the mission.
Physical Requirements
  • Maintain a constant state of physical readiness and capability.
  • Perform a wide variety of tasks while wearing personal protective equipment.
  • Complete the Physical Ability Test.
  • Salaries start at $68,036, with full performance at $106,012 per year (salaries vary with federal pay tables and experience).
  • Overtime is compensated at the rate of 1-1/2 times your hourly rate.
  • Agents required to work an additional 2 hours per day (10-hour workday) are eligible to receive the 25% Availability Pay allowance.
  • May qualify for National Capital Region's transit benefit program.
  • Government retirement program and Thrift Savings Plan are available.
  • Medical and dental insurance, as well as long–term care insurance, are offered.
  • Uniforms, laundry, and equipment are furnished at no cost to the officer.
  • A world-class, onsite fitness center is provided free of charge.



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  The Pentagon Force Protection Agency uses the website USAjobs.gov for all Agency hiring. All persons interested in working for the Pentagon Force Protection Agency must first visit the USAjobs website and create a profile. Upon creating a profile, you will need to upload your current resume along with any supporting documents for the position you are seeking.
  • Create profile
  • Upload resume and supporting documents
  • Make your resume searchable
  • Apply for jobs in the Federal Government
Should you have any questions, please contact the Recruitment Branch at 703-571-8000 or email pfpa.ncr.rmfo.mbx.recruitment@mail.mil.