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Parking Enforcement is managed by the Pentagon Police Parking Enforcement Office.

All Pentagon employees and visitors adhere to the parking rules and understand their responsibilities when parking on the Reservation. Unauthorized or illegally parked vehicles are subject to citations, immobilization, or towing to an impound lot at the owner's expense. Permit holders receiving citations for three or more parking infractions within a 12-month period may lose their parking privileges for one year or more.


If your vehicle was towed, you must first pay the required fees. The cost to retrieve a towed vehicle is $95 in cash or credit. Payments are made at the impound lot located at lane 52 in the North Parking Lot, if your vehicle is released within 24 hours of the initial tow. However, if your vehicle is stored more than 24 hours, it is subject to relocation, which will increase the required fees. If your vehicle is relocated, please contact:

Al´s Towing
8109 Ransell Road
Falls Church, VA 22042M

All appeals or complaints must be submitted in writing and addressed to:

Parking Enforcement Unit Supervisor
Pentagon Force Protection Agency
9000 Defense Pentagon, PLC2-BH985
Washington, DC 20301-9000

The written complaint must include a copy of your receipt with a phone number where you can be reached, and a return address. Written complaints may be mailed or dropped off at the Pentagon Library and Conference Center, room BH985.

An inquiry will be conducted in regards to your complaint. A written response will be sent to you regarding the outcome of the inquiry. If it is determined you were towed in error, the cost of the tow will be refunded to you.

For questions regarding a towed vehicle, the appeal process, or your complaint, please call 703-697-4151.