Once you have successfully completed all phases of police recruit training and have the required time-in-grade, you may apply for specialized training and assignments in the following areas:

  • Field Training Officer (specialty position at a 6% higher rate of pay)
  • K–9 Unit (specialty position at a 6% higher rate of pay)
  • Emergency Response Team (specialty position at a 6% higher rate of pay)
  • Executive Drivers (specialty position at a 6% higher rate of pay)
  • Traffic Enforcement                    
  • Evidence Management & Court Liaison               
  • Logistic Support                      
  • Recruiting                           
  • Special Events                      
  • Mobile Patrols                      
  • Parking Enforcement               
  • Range Instructors               
  • Training Instructors               
  • Administrative Duty Officers               
  • Strategic, Accountability, Focus, Evaluate               
  • Surveillance Detection               
  • Policy Office      

Physical Requirements
  • All candidates will be given a thorough physical examination and a physical evaluation battery.
  • Vision must be at least 20/200 in each eye, correctable to 20/20.
  • Must pass the Hearing Test.