Benefits and Compensation
  • Police Officers earn a starting salary of $59,982 - $63,970 (Full performance at $110,038). (An officer’s salary varies, depending on his/her experience.)
  • Overtime is compensated at the rate of 1–1/2 times your hourly rate.
  • Night shift is paid at an additional 10% of the hourly rate.
  • Sunday premium is paid at 25% of base salary.
  • Annual leave is earned for total service at a rate of 13 days during the first three years, 20 days for 3-plus years to 15 years, 26 days for 15-plus years.
  • Sick leave is earned at a rate of 13 days per year, regardless of years of service, 10 paid holidays annually.
  • A government retirement program and Thrift Savings Plan are available.
  • Medical and dental insurance, as well as long–term care insurance, are offered.
  • Police officers may qualify for National Capital Region's transit benefit program.
  • Uniforms, laundry, and equipment are furnished at no cost to the officer.
  • A world-class, onsite fitness center is provided free of charge.                

Once you have successfully completed all phases of your recruit training and have the required time-in-grade, you may apply for specialized training and assignments in the following areas.

For questions about employment with the PFPA, contact our Recruiting Office at 703-571-8000 or email us.