Pentagon Traffic Laws

Semper Vigilans - Always Vigilant

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The Pentagon Force Protection Agency


Traffic Safety Around The Pentagon Reservation

Navigating around the Pentagon´s roadway system can appear to be a daunting task, but by following a few basic rules, everyone can safely navigate through the high volume of vehicle and pedestrian traffic moving around the area.

Speed Limit Sign

The maximum posted speed limit on the Pentagon Reservation is 25 MPH, with drivers held to a much lower safe speed while traveling in the numerous parking lot lanes.



Caution Sign

Strict adherence to all regulatory signs is a must around the many pedestrian walkways. For safety purposes Virginia laws governing pedestrians traffic clearly give them the right away over vehicles.



One Way Sign

The roadways around the Pentagon Reservation are all mainly designated as “One-Way” roads, for this reason, drivers must be aware of the traffic flow. Not only one of our basic driver safety tips, Federal, State and DoD regulations and laws mandate the use of seat belts while on the Pentagon Reservation.



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As we all learn to travel around the maze of our roadways, we can safely accomplish this by being vigilant to the task at hand.




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