Parking Management Branch

Parking Management Branch

The Pentagon Force Protection Agency/Pentagon Police Directorate/Parking Management Branch (PMB) office administers and manages the Pentagon Reservation parking program. PMB is located in Room 2D1039, Pentagon Concourse adjacent to the Pentagon Federal Credit Union. The hours of operation are 8 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. They may be contacted at 703.697.6251. The Pentagon Reservation parking lots are controlled and enforced to identify all vehicles parked on the Reservation. Security concerns mandate that all individuals along with their vehicle license numbers must be identified while parked on the Reservation.
Parking on the Pentagon Reservation is a privilege and not a right of any individual. The program is administered as described in Administrative Instruction 88.
It is imperative that all Pentagon Reservation employees/visitors adhere to the parking rules and understand their responsibilities when parked on the Reservation. Unauthorized or illegally parked vehicles are subject to citations, immobilization or towing to an impound lot at the owner's expense. Permit holders receiving citations for three or more parking infractions within a 12 month period may lose their parking privileges for one year or more.

Pentagon Reservation Parking Permits

To obtain a parking permit for the Pentagon Reservation requires an individual to relinquish their Metro Subsidy Benefits except for registered van pools with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)

Disabled Parking

To obtain permanent or temporary handicapped parking permits to park on the Reservation, the individual requiring a disabled parking permit must provide a copy of their physician's documentation to the DiLorenzo TriCare Health Clinic to certify disability and the length of time a permit is needed. An endorsement from DiLorenzo TriCare Health Clinic must be submitted to the respective Component Parking Representative (CPR) for further processing.

Van/car pool Permit

To obtain a van/car pool parking permit, all members must come together to the Parking Office, Room 2D1039, Concourse to apply and meet the requirements outlined in AI 88. To locate possible van/car pool riders, you may logon to the Commuter Connections website at This site will provide such information as commuter and local bus services and computerized ride match for van/car pools.

Individual Permit

Each agency is allotted a number of different individual parking permits. To obtain an individual parking permit, the individual must contact their CPR to see if they meet eligibility requirements and if spaces are available. If the agency's CPR determines your eligibility to obtain a permit, they will process all the appropriate documents. The CPRs contact office phone numbers are:
                             Office Secretary of Defense - (703) 697-2091
                             Army - (703) 692-4003
                             Air Force - (703) 697-8111
                             Navy (703) - (703) 697-0874
                             Chairmen Joint Chiefs of Staff - (703) 697-1670
                             Marines - (703) 695-0570

Visitor Parking

Limited parking spaces can be reserved exclusively for visitors to the Pentagon Reservation who are on official business and visiting an SES/O-7 and above. Other visitors/temporary parking for official business is authorized pending approved vehicle clearance by PMB for the Hayes Street Lot adjacent to Pentagon City Mall, Fern Lot, and North Parking, Lanes 57-63. Parking arrangements for all visitors shall be made by the visiting agency to their respective CPR prior to the visitor parking on the Reservation. Temporary parking in the Hayes/Fern/North Parking, lanes 57-63 shall be made prior to parking and is limited to five days per month. Individuals may come to PMB, Room 2D1039 to make temporary parking arrangements or contact their respective CPR. The following information is required for parking clearances:
  1. Visitor´s full name
  2. Date and Time of arrival
  3. The visitee´s name, office room and work number
  4. Vehicle state and license plate numbers
With advance coordination through an individual's CPR or the PMB, a limited number of visitor parking spaces for official business are available. To accommodate special circumstances, personnel who receive Metro Subsidy Benefits may request temporary parking no more than five times per month. Please contact the PMB for details.
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