About the Directorate:

The Pentagon Police Department will pursue excellence in the delivery of professional law enforcement services to the Department of Defense community in the National Capital Region. We will also stand ready to support the over arching Pentagon Force Protection Agency's mission. We will accomplish our mission by the use of highly trained, dedicated police officers, state–of–the–art technology and by effective partnerships with other federal, state and local public safety agencies. We are committed to uphold the public trust by maintaining the highest moral and ethical standards. We will strive to enhance the services we provide and stand ready to defend against current and future threats.

Key Functions:

  • Provides Law Enforcement and Security for the DoD/National Capital Region facilities consistent with a community law enforcement Agency
  • Perimeter and general area security of the Pentagon and its environs
  • Vehicle and foot patrols of DoD facilities
  • Vehicle and pedestrian traffic control
  • Response to and investigation of motor vehicle accidents
  • Response to emergency situations and law enforcement or security related calls for service
  • Response to security alarms
  • Emergency Response Team (SWAT)
  • Coordination of emergency response for medical care
  • Preliminary investigations of crime
  • Contract Security Force (Leased Facilities) inspections and oversight

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