Semper Vigilans - Always Vigilant

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The Pentagon Force Protection Agency


  1. How do I report Suspicious Activities?
  2. Click here to report any suspicious activity report. Remember the most effective weapons against terrorism are your eyes & ears. If you see something, say something.

  3. How can I become an officer?
  4. Contact our Recruiting Division at (703) 571-8000.

  5. How do I apply for a job with PFPA?
  6. All Job announcements for government positions within PFPA on For current job listings click here.

  7. Where can I get a building pass?
  8. Building passes and Common Access Cards (CAC) can be obtained in the Pentagon. For more info click here.

  9. Where can I park on the reservation?
  10. There are several types of parking permits issued. To obtain an individual parking permit, the individual must contact their agency division representative to see if they meet the requirements and availability. If the agency determines your eligibility to obtain a permit, they will process all the appropriate documents. For more info click here.

  11. Can I have an American Flag flown over the Pentagon?
  12. Yes, you can. The requestor must provide the flag. All requests must be submitted 15 business days in advance and the least must be 5 business days from date of receipt of the flag if you are mailing the flag(s) please add on an additional week. For more info click here.

  13. Where is the lost and found?
  14. The Lost and Found is located in the Pentagon Library Conference Center - Room BH885. For more info click here.

  15. Can I get a tour of the Pentagon?
  16. Yes. All guided tours of the Pentagon are free and are available to schools, educational organizations and other select groups by reservation only. Tours are conducted Monday through Friday during normal working hours. Tours are not conducted on weekends or Federal holidays. For more info click here.


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