Eagle Eyes Program

Surveillance is the act of recording or monitoring activities. This may include the use of cameras (still or video), note taking, drawing diagrams, and the annotation of maps, using binoculars or any other vision/audio enhancing device. Due to the open nature of the Pentagon Reservation and Leased facilities, DoD assets are highly susceptible to physical surveillance activities conducted by terrorist, foreign intelligence and criminal organizations. Each DoD member plays an active part in the deterrence and disruption of physical surveillance activities by providing detail reports.
Please include the most detailed information possible to assist with further investigations.
This information should include:
  • Who:Provide name and contact information of the person providing the information.
  • What:What was seen (detailed account)?
  • Where:Where did this event take place?
  • When:What was the time, date, and location of occurrence?
  • Why:Why were the people there, (posing as tourist, Metro riders, maintenance workers, etc.)?
  • How:An account of individuals or (vehicles) involved and a general description of each.
  • If incident involved vehicles, give make, model and license plate.
Report any suspicious activity here or call the PFPA Emergency Phone Number 703.697.1001.
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