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The Pentagon Force Protection Agency


Employment with the Pentagon Force Protection Agency

Job announcements for government positions within PFPA are posted on Click here to see a list of current openings. 

For questions about employment with the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, please contact our Recruiting Office at (703) 571-8000 or email us.

Pentagon Police Requirements for Employment

The Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA) seeks highly qualified and motivated applicants to serve as uniformed Federal Police Officers at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. and RRMC, Adams County, PA. Police Officer positions with a salary of $55,385–$58,401 (full performance $99,735) open periodically throughout the year.  Please check USAJobs regularly for open positions.

Minimum Requirements:


Physical Requirements:




Units of Assignment:

Once you have successfully completed all phases of your recruit training and have the required time–in–grade, you may apply for specialized training and assignments in the following areas:


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